Thursday, October 24, 2013


If you know me, you know how far out of my comfort zone I am with this blog and website.

Confession #3:  I'm so not computer savvy.

I had help from my kids, Mr. Spear and my niece Rebecca......thank you very much.

I'm pretty sure that kids today are born with computer knowledge. Seriously, it's kinda creepy.  If you hand a 2 year old a Wii controller, she starts playing the game.

Everything changes so fast.  Here are a few things that were a major part of my life that my kids will never have...

a TV with no remote control - we had to actually get up off the couch and turn a knob on the TV to change the channel

a TV that only gets 3 channels

a telephone that's on a "party line" - you only pick up the phone when it rings YOUR ring or you'd be listening in on your neighbor's conversation

a phone that had a dial instead of push buttons - and here in Small Town, USA you only had to dial 5 numbers to reach your friends instead of 10 or 11 (if you have to use the 1).

an answering machine

a phone that is attached to the wall - you had to stand within a 4 foot radius of the phone to talk to your friends

a phone that doesn't take pictures

And the list goes on. 

Wow, that was a fun little trip down memory lane.

Needless to say....I have learned a lot in the past month.

A true testament that you CAN teach an old cat new tricks...

Confession #4: Yes, I'm a cat person.

Also a true testament that anything is possible.

Bye for now.

p.s.    Lesson I learned today:

When you ride in a convertible...put your hair in a ponytail.

Great Movie Alert: