Thursday, June 19, 2014

Anybody know an endorphinoligist?

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I got up this morning and went for a run.

I realize that those of you who know me are thinking......Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

I was reminded within seconds of why I don't run.

Confession #13:  I hate running!!!!!

I just don't get it.

I hear people say stuff like "I just had a great run" or "I run to keep my sanity".

What are they talking about?

I have decide that they are
a: lying
b: crazy
c: they have something I don't

I think I have just figured out what the problem is....

I'm endorphinless!

When I run, I feel horrible. Nothing is releasing in my brain making me feel like life is wonderful. I just feel like I need to spit.

Bye for now.

P.S.  Life is wonderful ... just not when I'm running.

Organization Alert

Friday, April 4, 2014


After a dentist appointment the other day I stopped at a thrift store on my way home.

Confession #12:  I love thrift stores.

I found a couple of treasures and took them to the cash register.  "Do you qualify for any discounts?" I was asked by the clerk. "No", I said with a smile on my face. "Do you have our rewards card?". "No" I replied.  As she clicked the buttons on the register she said, "Today is senior day...,  (I shook my head from side to side)  ...are you 55?"



awkward pause

I got my discount.

Bye for now.

Treat Alert

only 3 ingredients
Fruit - Nuts - Seeds

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have had this frustrated artist inside of me.  I had such a huge desire to be an artist, but at the same time I had absolutely no confidence in my ability to create art - the kind of art that's in my head anyway.

I do consider myself to be a creative person, and I can create things that I love, but I just don't have that raw ability to draw something as I see it, and as I see it in my head.

Confession #11:  When I see people who have a natural talent for drawing I am so envious.

I just want that so bad. It's that word "natural" that I can't just go and get somewhere. Natural. I can't buy it at a store or dig it up in the backyard. Natural comes with you.  It lives inside of you and influences your movements, it's in your eyes and affects the way you see things, it flows like a river through your veins.  It's with you always. You can't give it away and you can't sell it.  It's yours and will be a part of you, for your whole life.

No matter how much I desire to have it - I never will.

So after wanting and not having, year after year of my life.  I decided that I needed to make a change. I wondered if I could literally "change" my mind. I should be able to do that, right?  After all, it is MY mind.  Could I actually change the way I think about art, the way I think about myself, the way I see art, the way I see myself, therefore, the way I create art. I think I can. Isn't it all about perception any way?  Now that I think of it, isn't everything about perception?   I know that I need to let go of a few things, like thinking art has to be perfect... or amazing... or gallery worthy.  No one has to like it.  No one even has to see it if I don't want them to.  I don't need to "change" other peoples minds.  Just mine.

I came to this realization as I was sitting in bed a few weeks ago trying to get sleepy, doing a crossword puzzle .  So I grabbed a pencil and started to draw.

I have already realized that art isn't just a finished product.  It's a journey.  And in that journey is where lessons are learned, wants and needs are fulfilled, life is enjoyed and dreams come true.

Bye for now.

p.s. never stop dreaming

Great Old Book You Might Have Missed Alert

Great advice for life.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

And the winners are...

And the winners are......
Becca W
Jack was going through a pile of cuddly flannel I had set aside for D.I. He made sure I was in earshot and said, "'This fabric is so soft,' said the boy who wanted a new quilt."
Elliot & Tracy
My infant son was screaming as I was in the middle of cooking dinner so I asked my daughter to put his pacifier in. She got it situated and he instantly calmed down. She turned around with a giant smile on her face and shouted, "HE'S HEALED!" - Madison, 2 years old

I had to pick 2 winners because it was too hard to pick one.
Thanks to all who entered my contest!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Quote Contest

your enrtry gives me permission to use your quote (without name)
for promotional purposes

Friday, November 8, 2013


Yesterday I was in Ontario on an errand.  Thought I'd stop at Burger West and grab some dinner.  So I stopped at Red Apple so I could get some cash (Burger West is one of the few places left on earth that doesn't take a credit card).

So I went to Burger West and then headed for home.  I got back to Nyssa and was just rounding the corner onto Bower when I thought to myself.... "I'm so glad I brought dinner home cuz I know Mr. Spear is hungry and will be so excited to see a Ranch Hand Special."  In my thoughts I was patting myself on the back for thinking ahead. 
I looked over at the passenger seat to make sure the food was safe and sound.

The seat was empty....

A whirlwind of thoughts started spinning in my head.

I remembered getting the cash at Red Apple.

I remembered pulling into Burger West drive-thru (I was the only person in line).

I remembered ordering.

I remembered sitting at the window waiting.

I remembered handing my money to the girl at the window.

I remembered her handing me my change.

I remembered driving off and heading home....

I forgot to get the food.

I got this feeling in my stomach that I'm not sure I've had before.  I guess that's the feeling you get when you realize that you're not who you used to be.

Confession #10:  I'm kind of starting to scare myself.

Bye for now.

p.s.  Next time I see you, you might have to remind me what your name is.

Great Movie Alert

This movie made me so grateful to be am American.
It also made me appreciate and love every single serviceman and woman.
And the Navy Seals...... oh my goodness.
The real Captain Phillips was, in my opinion, and hero and a very brave man.
Of course Tom Hanks is an amazing actor.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The next thing I'm supposed to do is learn to tweet. Now, I'm really struggling with this one.

Confession #9:  I'm a twitter hater.

I just don't get it. I think it's stupid.

If anyone has anything good to say about tweeting..... please let me know.
Call me
leave me a message
use a ham radio
write me a letter
send a telegram
email me
send smoke signals
a bike messenger
send a courier pigeon
come to my house
use morse code
facebook message me
or leave me a comment.
Just don't tweet me ....I won't get it.
Cleaning / Bargin Alert

They say that kitchen sponges are filled with bacteria after a day or two, but I can't function without a scrubber sponge by the kitchen sink. So this is what I do....

Buy a package of 7 scruber sponges at the Dollar Tree. I cut each sponge into 4 pieces (you could cut them in two if you want them a little bit bigger).

If you cut them into 4's that gives you 28 sponges - each costing 3 and a half cents.

Use them on your pots, pans & dishes throughout the day.  Give the sink a quick scrub at the end of the day. Throw the sponge away, then start with a fresh one the next morning.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy NFD

I kind of got thrown into the world of blogging and websiting against my will, which quickly became a "sink or swim" situation. I immediatly started to sink.

Confession #7:  Generally speaking .... I am easily overwhelmed.

With help from my kids, I got my website going on WIX.  With patience on their part and work on mine I got more comfortable with designing it.

At the beginning of day two I found myself in serious need of more font choices on WIX.

Confession #8:  I am addicted to fonts.

Hi my name is Jeanne and I am a fontaholic.  All together now..... Hi Jeanne.

While some people go fishing for fun, I go "fonting".  Yes, I made up a name for it.

I've been known to "font" for long periods of time, too many hours for me to admit to.

So I did some research, and found that I was just one fish (sticking with the fishing parallel) in a sea of font seekers in reguards to WIX.

The challenge was before me. The game was on. The gauntlet had been thrown down.

In order to satisfy my addiction I had to figure out a way to be able to use my own personal fonts in WIX.

And.... after several grueling hours.....I did it.

It takes a bit more time and some creative powerpoint manipulation, but it can be done.

Mr. Spear was impressed.

I officially declare this "National Font Day".

Bye for now.

p.s. happy "fonting"

Lesson I learned today:

Don't leave a pot boiling on the stove when you're fonting.

Fun Find Alert
Costco  $6.99

the perfect gift for a creative little artist

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Time Flies

Nothing says "it's going to be a great weekend" like having Carter show up at 1:00 in the morning to surprise his parents!  yayyyyyyyyy!

Confession #6:  Some days I wish all my kids lived at home again.

I can't believe that all of our kids are adults.... how did that happen?

I know it's such a cliche ...... but time really does fly. 

Bye for now.

p.s. Hug your kids today.

Fun Find Alert
Notepad    Staples  $1.00

Thursday, October 31, 2013


For the past several weeks our Apple TV remote has been missing from our bedroom.  So yesterday I did a major deep cleaning of the room.  Pulled the bed out, flipped the mattress, washed everything, emptied out nightstands, vacuumed EVERYTHING...the whole bit.  It took all day.

Confession #5: I don't deep clean very often.

Good News:  the room is very clean.

Bad News:  no remote.

I did, however ... find 17 pairs of glasses in my nightstand.

And that doesn't included the ones in my backpack, in the car, in my desk cubbie and a few other places.

I've decided I need to do that to every room. No telling what I might find.

My house is too full.  I asked a friend recently if she would come over when I wasn't home and throw away half of everything in here (it's a good thing my kids don't live at home anymore.... 2 would have to go).

Bye for now.

p.s. Lesson I learned today:

Don't buy any more glasses for a while.

Cookie Alert:  Crunch Cookies

Cream together with mixer:                                   add:
1 cup Crisco                                                          2 cups flour
1 cup sugar                                                           1 t. baking powder
1 cup brown sugar                                                1 t. baking soda
2 T. milk                                                                1/2 t. salt
1 t. vanilla                                                              mix on low or with spoon
Add:                                                                       Stir in by hand:
2 eggs                                                                   1/2 cup coconut
beat until well blended                                           1 cup chocolate chips
                                                                              1/2 cup crushed corn flakes
                                                                              1 cup rolled oats
bake at 350* for 13-15 mins.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


If you know me, you know how far out of my comfort zone I am with this blog and website.

Confession #3:  I'm so not computer savvy.

I had help from my kids, Mr. Spear and my niece Rebecca......thank you very much.

I'm pretty sure that kids today are born with computer knowledge. Seriously, it's kinda creepy.  If you hand a 2 year old a Wii controller, she starts playing the game.

Everything changes so fast.  Here are a few things that were a major part of my life that my kids will never have...

a TV with no remote control - we had to actually get up off the couch and turn a knob on the TV to change the channel

a TV that only gets 3 channels

a telephone that's on a "party line" - you only pick up the phone when it rings YOUR ring or you'd be listening in on your neighbor's conversation

a phone that had a dial instead of push buttons - and here in Small Town, USA you only had to dial 5 numbers to reach your friends instead of 10 or 11 (if you have to use the 1).

an answering machine

a phone that is attached to the wall - you had to stand within a 4 foot radius of the phone to talk to your friends

a phone that doesn't take pictures

And the list goes on. 

Wow, that was a fun little trip down memory lane.

Needless to say....I have learned a lot in the past month.

A true testament that you CAN teach an old cat new tricks...

Confession #4: Yes, I'm a cat person.

Also a true testament that anything is possible.

Bye for now.

p.s.    Lesson I learned today:

When you ride in a convertible...put your hair in a ponytail.

Great Movie Alert:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I guess this is a good day to start my blog.

Can we just start with the word 'blog'? It's an awful word. To me it suggests tired, heavy, sweaty, trudging through deep mud, wishing like crazy that I was somewhere else.

Maybe that's why I never started one.

I say... just for today let's call it something else. A nice word. Something happy. Joyful.

I'd ask for suggestions except I don't know how to make a place where people can make comments yet.

Confession #1 I have no idea what I'm doing.

I know I'm the last person on earth to start a bl-- wait a minute, I was in the process of renaming it.

By the way, I don't have a cellphone either.

We'll talk about cellphones another day.

Now back to the task at hand. Today I'll call it a 'delight'. Yes, I'm really enjoying writing my delight. It's fun, despite the fact that I've already had to ask Mr. Spear how to spell two words. No, I'm not going to tell you which ones.

Confession #2: I'm pretty sure I'm dyslexic.

Okay, make that three words.

Bye for now.

Fun Find Alert:

Target   $7.99