Friday, November 8, 2013


Yesterday I was in Ontario on an errand.  Thought I'd stop at Burger West and grab some dinner.  So I stopped at Red Apple so I could get some cash (Burger West is one of the few places left on earth that doesn't take a credit card).

So I went to Burger West and then headed for home.  I got back to Nyssa and was just rounding the corner onto Bower when I thought to myself.... "I'm so glad I brought dinner home cuz I know Mr. Spear is hungry and will be so excited to see a Ranch Hand Special."  In my thoughts I was patting myself on the back for thinking ahead. 
I looked over at the passenger seat to make sure the food was safe and sound.

The seat was empty....

A whirlwind of thoughts started spinning in my head.

I remembered getting the cash at Red Apple.

I remembered pulling into Burger West drive-thru (I was the only person in line).

I remembered ordering.

I remembered sitting at the window waiting.

I remembered handing my money to the girl at the window.

I remembered her handing me my change.

I remembered driving off and heading home....

I forgot to get the food.

I got this feeling in my stomach that I'm not sure I've had before.  I guess that's the feeling you get when you realize that you're not who you used to be.

Confession #10:  I'm kind of starting to scare myself.

Bye for now.

p.s.  Next time I see you, you might have to remind me what your name is.

Great Movie Alert

This movie made me so grateful to be am American.
It also made me appreciate and love every single serviceman and woman.
And the Navy Seals...... oh my goodness.
The real Captain Phillips was, in my opinion, and hero and a very brave man.
Of course Tom Hanks is an amazing actor.


  1. Jeanne I did this on the way to take Cbear to the groomer - I talked to her and rubbed her ears almost all the way to my office (in the opposite way of the groomer) - had to exit off I85 and go back toward Durham to make her appointment. Ahhh old age - Linny

  2. Scary huh Linny? Sorry it took me so long to respond. Still trying to figure all of this out(refer to above post). I'm glad someone else feels my pain.

  3. I'm so glad I got to hear this story in person! Even thought had to threaten beatdown to get it. Love you mom :)

    1. Like YOU could give ME a beatdown?

  4. Hahaha, don't worry Jeanne, it isn't just limited to old age (or pregnancy brain in my case) these things happen to the best of us, in the best of times. I've spaced stuff like this too :)